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hello ,

took birth control for about 4 months then i stopped, and i am always on period, is this is normal? i have heard of people being late on periods but i am always on period, please help with any tips.


ok so i am 21 and i am sexually active And never have been on birth control.... me and my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant but it seems like my period never stops. i had it nonstop from april-june it wasnt like super heavy but u went through tampons like candy.. it stopped at the beginning of june and i didnt get another period till july which last like a week and a half.. im not sure if i had one in august but  me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on aug 29th and i started what i thought might have been implantation bleeding and other early symptoms like a week later well the bleeding started on sept 7 and has not stopped.. it started off brown and pinkish for a few days and then would get heavy with alot of clots.. then would slow down stop for like a few hours ad then be brown again. then out of no where its not like heavy its just really red with clots.. i have had unprotected sex every time its stopped (4 times between Aug29-Nov2) but i keep bleeding.. is it whats causing me not to get pregnant???? what could this be???????????%-):'(