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In Dec my period came one the 26th, and only lasted 2 days..Me and my fiance had unprotected sex on the 15th of this month, and that night i started having cramps in my lower abdomen. Ive most deff had what seems to be many early pregnancy symptoms, but i was just going to wait and see if i started my period again on the 26th of this month. instead i started spotting really lightly on the 23rd. it was light pink and brown, and for about an hour it remained that way. then it began to get heavier. then it went back to being light, obly spotting, then returned to be heavy. it was bright red, but then turned really dark within hours. i usually go for 6 full days nonstop, with heavy cramping, but this time no cramping was involved.i did notice a small tiny clot when it got very dark, its only been 2 days and i have stopped bleeding, bit its still light pink spots when i wipe.. My period isnt suppose to start till tom? Please help! Ive been very tired, queezy at certain smells, my appetite has decreased, but sometimes i get little pains on the lower right side of my abdomen.. Ive had two children prior to this and this has beverages happened befor. Im so confused.


Curious as to what happened