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I think i may have Irritable bowel syndrome. the past few days the left side of my stomach has been hurting. I have sharp pains and cramping on that side. I havent gone "number two" recently and then today, i suddenly got diarreah and the pains became more intense. is this serious? should i go to the doctor?



You definitely need to go to the Dr. to rule out anything other than IBS since it is a diagnosis of exclusion.
Your symptoms do sound very IBS-ish. I've had it for 11 years now and have read soooo much about it.

The pain can come from constipation and the subsequent diarrhea is caused by the body flushing out after a period of irritation caused by the constipation. That is what happens to me...they call it Alternating IBS. The pain you experience on the left side could be your large intestine/colon spasming...which is also very common in IBS.

So go see your Dr. to rule out anything else and then try modifying your diet to include plenty low fat foods, no red meats, lots of soluble fibre with some insoluble can work wonders if you have IBS.

Good Luck!