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Hello, I have tried to include as many details as possible, please read.


Height: 6'4
Weight: 13 Stone
Build: Large

Existing Medical Conditions:



Ranitidine (Zantac)
Mebeverine (Colofac)
Mintec (same as Colpermin)
Domperidone (Motilium)

Other Treatments/Procedures

Endoscopy (showing some stomach inflammation)
RAST Test (showed elevated white cells I think?)

Diets Tried:

High fibre (soluble and insoluble)
Low fibre
Small meals often
Large meal x 1 a day
Drink more water (my normal water intake is 4-5litres a day - always thirsty!)

Food Cut Out:

All alcohol (not drank for over 2 years)
Coffee/Tee/Hot drinks
All dairy
Lowered wheat
Sorbital and all artificial sweeteners

I stuck with the ones that helped and re-added the ones that didn't make any difference.

I have seen different GP's a few times and they just say IBS, they wont do anything and its made my quality of life a 1/10 and making me seriously depressed.

Please, if you have any ideas say so - even if it sounds silly.

Information - sorry its long!

I have been constipated since a child and was diagnosed with IBS-C (without tests for anything else). I am now 23 and 3 or 4 months ago my stools changed, I developed more pain in the lower left abdomen and I also started getting really tired to the point where moving was hard.

My stools were previously about 9-10 inches long and about 3 inches wide but when they changed they became the width of a tennis ball and over a foot long. This was painful but manageable. 8 days ago this all changed, I had cramps and then a explosive soft stool. I thought nothing of it but it has not stopped.

When I wake up I take my pills, drink a couple of glasses of water and get to work (self employed). I then start to get cramps (really really painful) in the lower left side of my abdomen then I need to go the the toilet, the stools are very loose. They now look lighter in colour, almost grey/greenish and smell horrible. I then take some of my pain killers (which contain the constipating codeine) to try and stop the cramps and stop pooping. They seem to help (I would like to make it clear that I only previously took 1 or 2 of the 10mg pills per month, now 3 or 4 a day). The size of the new stools is about very small, sloppy and odd shapes.


Codeine everyday? Junky


This is not going to be very helpful but I have a very similar problem! I have constipation, bloating, pains, etc for about two years now. I was just started on Colpermin and Buscopan 4 days ago and already my stools have the greenish tinge you described, which is very unusual for me! Also the majority of my pains are in the lower left side of my abdomen, possibly just coincidence but hope you get your problem sorted soon, I know how you feel!