well i had sex with my girl 5 days before her mens would comewell the thing is i just wonder if its safe or not cause alot of people says the safest days are 5days before and after her monthly comes.So im just asking if it is true.?we had sex on july 9 and her monthly would come expectedly on july 14 the thing about it she is sometime had delay but she had it last month june 14.the thing is i didn't use any protection and i know that it is unsafe to have sex and not use any protection and she is not in any pill nor using it and i didn't really come on her we used condom at first and i took it off cause i kinda got too soft so i decided to took it off and my concern is the pre-cum would it make her pregnant even if we had sex 5 days before her menstrual.???

ps i didnt release it inside her i release it outside at her tummy and wipe it