I had a surface Pancreatic tumor removed in 2008. I began getting sick in 2007. I lost so much weight to just under 57lbs. My heart stopped and I died for 57 minutes waking in a Hospital Morgue. I was vomiting bile, as well as what looked like tiny white seeds of some kind. They looked more like little teeth to me. My MD put them in a solution to preserve them to be sent away, but they dissolved in the preserving solution. Some came out looking like tiny round red berries but dissolved in water leaving more of these tiny seed/teeth looking things. They also found 2 upper intestinal tumors which were removed. Now I am diagnosed with Gallstones and The pain in my lower back, under my ribs, horrific painful diarrhea immediately after eating anything, just want to sleep but end up waking to go to the washroom for more diarrhea, Get so hot after eating, feel like I will spontaneously combust, then massive stomach pain, then running to the washroom barely making it on time. I am taking Creon but it does not seem to be helping much. Is it just Gallstones or is it my Pancreas again? Have gone through so many scans and whatnot, which only shows the Gallstones. But the weight is coming off again.I feel like I am dying again. I'm following diets, no fats, etc. Would Morphine be at least a temporary relief for this? I've tried ImmodiumWild Strawberry, and a few other anti-diarrhea. They only make me vomit instead and in a lot more pain.I have had a consult with a Surgeon for the Gallbladder to be removed a month and a half ago but have not heard anything. She had me take a Lipase and immunology blood tests and I did not get to see her afterward. I am 51, my late Father was Austrian, my late Mother French but have Asian decent from my late Father's side and African decent from my late Mother's side, I have inherited Celiac's from my late Mother which had previously been diagnosed as IBS and allergic to milk? Do I have to die again before they figure it out?,