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Two weeks ago developed alternating yellow stool, and then diarrhea. If I changed my diet stool would be yellow again.

2 months ago, changed my diet, no fast food nothing processed. 2 weeks ago had a pizza from domino's, then the stool changed color, to yellow for two weeks.

had stool test, bloodwork, hiv, hep b c, liver function, all came back o.k.

so I bought another pizza from domino's and my stool has returned to normal color. strange i know.

august 15, was in the er for kidney stones, next day noticed pain in my right shoulder, and still have a dull pain in my lower right stomach 1-2 on pain scale.

trying to find out if it's all connected. think I have passed the kidney stones, but not sure. was wondering if I was getting gallstones. but no real pain in the rib cage area, just in the right shoulder. and lower left stomach.

on metoprolol for bp 25mg twice a day, and xanax for anxiety.
any help would be deeply appreciated.


ok so obviously you still have your gallbladder...I'm in the same boat as you with the Stool changing color...mine is almost like a bile instead of actual "waste"..if that makes any sense....but I didnt start getting any of these problems until they took my gallbladder out & now I'm having kidney trouble...I would go get an ultrasound to see if you have gallstones, because if you do you will eventually have a gallbladder attack & let me tell you the pain scale is not 1-2, more like 8-10