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I have been diagnosed other gallstones and have been in hospital recently as a stone got stuck in my bile duct and gave me a very poor liver function. I am awaiting a op to remove my gallbladder. I am soon due to go on holiday and am worried about flying and about insurance. Should I go or should I cancel??


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Hello, Melly35.

When my uncle had his gallbladder removed, doctors said to him that there are no contraindication between flying and gallstones, so he can go whenever he want by plane. 

But, it would be wise to skip and meal they serve on plane. Also, you need to stay away from fatty foods.

I don't know about policy in your country but, just in case, bring all documentation about your state, which includes diagnosis, prognosis, current and future treatment plan, etc. Because, you need to prove that gallstone attack is very unlikely to happen.

I hope your operation will go well, and that you will enjoy in your holiday.