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Me and my boyfriend were "dry humping" 

-we had basketball shorts with no underware/boxers
-he did not cum
-he had a little bit of pre-cum but said it "went away" by the time we humped again that night
-he stuck his penis in my hole for a second but it was with our shorts ON
-he rubbed his penis on my butt and by the hole with our shorts ON
-i was VERY wet
-he never cummed and then touched my skin
-he did jack off and then rubbed my clit over my shorts

Is it possible for me to be pregnant again? 

We already had a daughter together...and she was a one time sex baby lol...we have been so careful to not have sex, it would really suck to have gotten pregnant without even having sex. 


Yes you can get pregnant, especially if he gets his cum even near your sexual organs.  His precum, as does most precum, probably does have sperm in it.  Yes, it can go through gym shorts.  I think "Dry Humping" (Us Old Old folks even called it that when we were teens and doing it.  Back then it was up against a dark wall at the prom) is a misnomer.  If you two want to do it, he should use a condom to protect you both.  If he thinks he's macho by refusing to use one, he's not only not macho, he's not too smart (i.e. not good husband material).  I urge you to, if you are going to be sexually active, use protection, be old enough and healthy enough to do it.  Use you good brains and a good amount of self discipline.  Ah, those were the days.