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I am 36 years old and am trying to concieve but I have had an 2 abortions in 1994 and 1995. But in 1996 I had a beautiful son (premature). He is doing really well. Now in 2001 I had an tubal ligation and right now I regret it. I have HPV and irregular periods too. So if I get an DUI is it possible for me to still concieve after all this going on in my body. Because its been so long for the tubal ligation and abortions. I hope I have a great chance of concieving with my fiancee who doesn't have any children


Hi Elaine,

No, the DUI (Deep Intrauterine Insemination) will not work.

Basically, if you've had a tubal ligation, eggs from the ovaries are not traveling down the fallopian tube to be fertilized or reach the uterus to implant. The "tube" has been cut or tied.

You can try to get the tubal ligation reversed, or, you could try in-vitro fertilization. Your eggs can be harvested, fertilized outside the body with your fiancee's sperm, then reimplanted.

Talk to a fertility specialist. That would be your best option.

Good luck. Hope it helps.