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Okay so my periods are normally exactly on the 22nd of each month. So, November 22nd I got my period, but then on December 8th, I got another one. It lasted 5 days like my normal periods do. Then, December 22nd, got my period again. It then continued, I got my period the 8th of January and then again on the 22nd of on the 8th of February there was no period. But on the 9th it came. Well, it was very light and stopped that night. I figured it would start up again because sometimes that does happen to me but still even now, I've got nothing. I have very subtle cramping still too. I took 2 pregnancy last night (the 11th) and one this morning (the 12th) and they were both negative. However, is it safe to say I'm pregnant? Or should I not worry about this mishap since it's technically my "secondary" period? Please let me know!!! thanks!!


Some women (myself included) bleed mid cycle at ovulation, however this is usually a tiny little bit of bleeding, it shouldn't last a s long as your period. I wouldn't assume that this is pregnancy, tests are usually pretty accurate. However as its been a few months now of 2 periods a month, I'd suggest you get checked out at the doctors to find out what is going on.