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Me and my fiance had sex unprotected for the whole month of December and the whole month of January. I know that I usually begin my period around the beginning of each month. Well, I got a period in January. BUt, when February rolled around I didn't have one. It is now the 26th of February so my period is almost a month late. I took pregnancy tests and all were negative. I have been reading other posts throughout this time and I understand that sometimes pregnancy tests are inaccurate and every girl is different. On yesterday morning I wiped myself and found just a little pink blood barely noticeable. I wiped again. Nothing. Later on that day I wiped and it was again a little more but nothing really noticeable. I wiped again. Nothing. Currently I am sick with the flu I don't know. But my period is due at the beginning of March. I have a few questions:
1) Could it possibly be "late" implantation bleeding?
2) Could it be because am sick that I am having this offset?
3) When should I take another test?

In Distress,


I drive myself crazy figuring out what is "normal" when it comes to late periods, HPTs, etc.--here is a little of what I've found out by doing tons of reading and talking w/ other people (not that I'm an expert...):
-"False negatives" on HPTs are somewhat common, and some women don't get a positive HPT until they are several months into their pregnancy! If you want, test again in a few days, using first-morning urine, but no matter what the result is, rely on your "gut" and make an appointment w/ your doctor if you feel that you could be pregnant.
-As you pointed out, every woman is different--I have found charting my basal temperature as well as checking my cervical mucus daily to be extremely helpful. While it would would be nice to be able to package our cycles in to neat, predictable boxes, that is just not reality. There are a lot of things that affect your cycle, and the timing of things (i.e. ovulation) may vary as a result... so "late" implantation bleeding is a possibility.