NOVEMBER 26,2012- First Time Having Sex without protection@2:20pm, He Didn't Not Come in me, Took birthcontrol pill after sex around 3:30pm and Then Morning After Pill@5pm(Next Choice) bleed till November 30th,December 4th started having Back Pain till 3rd, December 4th small spotting and Cramping. December 8th Unprotected Sex While On birthcontrol pill Avaine (28days) For6months bleed a little bit of blood after intercourse (he Didn't Come in me) December 9-15 No Active birthcontroll pill Got Period Dec11th on Tuesday Like I always Start till Dec14th stopped Menstrual period, December 16th Back On Active Pill, Went To Clinic On Dec 19 took Pregnancy Test (Negative) Result, December 22nd Had Sex Again Unprotected With boyfriend @10pm Took Active Pill Couple Hours Before Sex(He Didn't Come in Me Eventhough He Wanted to Instead He Came Out on my body) Sorry For Detail, Bleed A little again, December 23-24 little back pain DECEMBER 29TH CRAMPING pain, Dec 30 Started Having Brown Discharge Till January 3rd, January 4th brown with Blood Discharge, Last Day Of Active Pill January 5th, Still Bleeding And Cramping Till Now January 8th.. WHats Wrong With Me? PLEASE HELP ANY ADVICE? I BEEN WORRYING?