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...I want to know the pregnancy test strip or urine test for pregnancy actually work??

i mean the result shown on it is 100% negative or positive???

because i am not havin my period this month on time....and that urine test showed negative????can anyone suggest what should i do....??


Hi Simram,

It is NOT 100% reliable.

The test looks for a specific hormone in the urine.  False negative results are very common, especially when testing early.

False positives are very rare.

Use your first morning urine for the best accuracy.  Why?  Because the urine is more concentrated.  It's not how much urine that matters, it is how diluted it is.  Usually, your first morning urine is more concentrated because you haven't been drinking fluids all night.

You also need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks AFTER having sex for the test to be reliable.  It takes time for the hormone levels to rise high enough to be detected during the test.

Hope it helps.