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i had a normal heavy period on the 24of oct which lasted 3 days

on the 24 of nov i had very light bleeding i didnt even need to use anything for it which lasted 2 days

i have been feeling dizzy wanting to throw up

going to the bathroom alot bloated

i just wanted to know what u think could it be

could i be pregnant

i did a test and it was neg but i dont know if it was to early to do it hope to hear back soon i am worried


it should say on the box when to take it most of the time it takes up to 5days be4 ur missed period.


Hi Ezza,

You can test when your period is due.  Use your first morning urine as it is more concentrated so more likely to give an accurate result.  If it comes up negative, and your period is different, retest in 7-10 days.  By then, the hormone the test looks for should be at a high enough level to detect.

Very few tests, despite what they claim, can detect pregnancy before you are due accurately.  There are too many variables.

Testing early, false negatives are common.  False positives are rare.