Hi all,

I would really appreciate a genuine reply to this question as my girlfriend is really worried and I am now lost on how to comfort her, and am really starting to worry myself. Me and my girlfriend have been recently had sex with eachother - she was a virgin, i was not. She is on the combined pill for medicinal reasons, however we still decided to use a condom for our first couple of times. Recently however we started having intercourse without a condom therefore our only source of protection was her taking the combined pill. Also it is importent to note that I have never ejaculated inside her. However, my girlfriend has now finished her monthly packet of pills and is around a week late for her period, therefore as you can imagine we are both very worried. I understand the risk of her being pregnant are low due to the pill being 99 percent effective and the chance of getting pregnant from pre cum are also very slim. Could she still be pregnant however? and if not, what else could the reason for her late period be?


thank you very much if you decide to respond it really is appreciated.