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My girlfriend and I (both 20 years old) have sex between 2-3 per week.  I always have worn a condom and she is on the pill.  However, my condom has broke a couple of times while inside her.  When this has happened, I've quickly pulled out and changed, but a small amount of pre-ejaculate was most likely present at the time of breakage.  Recently, she's had some headaches (which is normal for her), increased fatigue, decreased appetite, and today she had nausea. (the breakage happened around 3 weeks ago)  She also complained of uterus cramps today.  Due to the pill and her having possible endometriosis, she never has a scheduled period, but simply frequent spots throughout.  However, this spotting has seemed to recently have stopped, notably during sex.  Does this sound like pregnancy?  What are the chances it is?  We are both prone to paranoia, but we are nonetheless very worried.  Thanks


take care while sex...use doctor prescribed contraception