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Hello,  I am 13 but i havent had my period yet I've had dis-charge for about 2 yrs and do have Pubic hair but I barley have boobs  (bit my mum is very flat cheasted ) I recently started getting cramps below my belly button almost everyday and on the other day I had slightly brown discharge but I Have only had that about twice!  Do u know if this means my period will come soon please help!

Thank you x


You are young! Young girls really have an issue when they don't have their period. So what? I haven't started my period until I was 15 . Now I am 25 and there is nothing wrong with me. I am perfectly normal, healthy and I have a normal life with my period, of course. 

You have some symptoms, that is true. They mean that you are about to get your period and that you can expect to get it very soon. 

Slightly brown discharge should be your main symptom. 

If you do have those cramps very often, that is one more sign.