Hello! I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm i virgin and I haven't got my period. So about 3 days ago i noticed this light brown discharge in my underwear, it was a bit sticky. I got cramps in my stomach the same day (I've gotten cramps before, i got some 2 years ago and nothing happened). The next day my discharge had a light brown tone to it and it almost looked normal. Yesterday I got normal colored discharge, it was white/yellow. So today i got that light brown discharge again and I had some cramps but they weren't bad at all. And there were no clumps in the discharge. 

Soo I am wondering if I've gotten my period or is it something else? I really don't want to get my period since I am a swimmer and i train everyday and i really don't want to use tampons. And it's also going to be christmas really soon and I'd rather have a non-period christmas.

Can someone help?