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Okay I went away last weekend and had sex on Saturday morning and evening, and on Sunday morning and Monday morning, On Thursday, I started feeling a dull pain under my belly button and it is Sunday and that dull pain is still there? I've also noticed that I am eating more then I normally would, and want to know what you think this dull sort of achy pain is? Could I be pregnant? No right? Isn't it too soon to feel any symptoms?


i had a lump magically appear yesterday above my belly button. today it is more tender to the touch and seems slightly larger.

i also took a home pregnancy test, just to ease my mind....however, my worries have increased. the result was positive. i'm 40 and feel too old to be having another baby! not going into all the other details....

back to the belly button. could it be a tubal pregnancy or perhaps some type of hernia? i do A LOT of heavy lifting at my i'm wondering if i strained something.

anyone have any ideas???