Hi im 13 years old and i need help. last week i started having a sensitive 2 the touch pain in my testicles and my lower abdomen started hurting. The stomach pain seemed 2 be gas related cuz a day later i passed some gass and it felt better. I just had a appendectomy about 3 months ago and sometimes it hurts in my stomach after i pee. I have been reassured by my parents that im just going through puberty and that sometimes things will hurt when they change. could this be related to puberty or hormones? I dont feel any bumps or anything on my testicles but the pain seems to be coming from 2 rope like things on the top of each testicle. It dosent hurt unless they are banged or tapped and sometimes i have 2 tap hard to get pain. also about 3-4 days after the testicle pain started i was watching a movie with a sex scene and i noticed i dident get an erection. after the movie i tried mastrobating but it took way longer then usual to get an erection and the erection was kinda week and floppy. i did some internet research on this and some sites said ED can be cause by stress and anxiety. i am a nerveous person and i suffer from hypcondria and plus the whole testicle pain thing has had me litteraly up all night worry and doing internet reasarch. Could this be causing my ED? The weird thing is is that even after my testicle pain started i could get an erection fine for the 2-3 days leading up to the ED problem. this ED problem has only been going on for 1 day and i am scared sh*tless. could someone please give me the true facts about what im going through?

P.S. i am up very late every night and i usuly dont get 2 sleep before 1-2AM i dont get much excerisse but iim am thin.