I'm 16 years old female I feel really nauseous after I eat anything and feel sick. I haven't had an appetite lately I will probably eat two things a day like today I only had a salad and a hasbrown and I'm just not hungry but before any of this been happening I always have cravings and now nothing. And I been pooping a lot sometimes diarrhea and other just regular and I been having pains in my stomach im starting to think that's why I don't have a appetite because after I eat I get so nauseous. I know I'm not pregnant or anything because I had my period and this all started after my period too. And after my period I been having cramps for weeks now. Sometimes it would wake me and others would just be cramping in side. And i just been inside it's not like I been running or anything. Does anyone know what could be wrong ? Am I over exaggerating or is this a serious problem where I should go to the doctor? Please help !!!