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So I am in a bit of a fix here...

I just started taking Zoloft (an anti-depressant) recently for the 2nd time (I took it about 4 years ago but it started hurting my stomach so I stopped, but it worked the best for my depression so I wanted to try it again). 9 days ago I got in a huge argument with my husband and ever since that I have been unable to eat due to nausea, loss of appetite, and so on. I have not been vomiting.

I actually have a huge phobia of vomiting. I have never thrown up in my life and I don't know why I am so scared, but I have huge panic attacks over it.

For the past 9 days I have been feeling really hungry yet unable to eat. I feel nauseous, nervous, dizzy, faint, and altogether just not willing to eat. I've been trying to keep some food in my stomach so I don't feel more nauseous than I do (like peanut butter and bread, saltine crackers, bananas, plain pasta, and cheerios.)

At first I was having yellow diarrhea (sorry for the image), but now I am just constipated because of having 1 or 2 bananas a day for the past week. I am better than I was.

The first three days I felt hungry all the time, no matter if I put anything in my stomach, I had a little diarrhea, and I had trouble even putting food in my mouth without wanting to gag.

Now I can put food in my mouth and eat little things, but after I eat I feel nauseous. I apologize... this blog is all over the place. I am just tired and worried that this is another huge anxiety issue and that it will not go away. I'm hoping it is something physical that will heal soon.

I'm 18 and never had an ulcer. I'm not really having stomach pains. I was wondering what the symptoms could be of a pre-ulcer and if anyone has ever felt like I do and what they did to fix it.

Please let me know. I am so stressed and panicky and my body is just exhuasted from all this. Thank you for reading and hopefully someone can help.

Any suggestions?

(oh, and also I cannot go into a doctor due to severe panic attacks... I have trouble walking inside buildings without outside doors that I can easily get out. Thank you again.)



Okay So I'm Not A Doctor & I'm Only 18 But My Best Friends Parents Are Both Doctors So I Know A Fair Bit.

Here Goes Nothing...

Anti-Depressants (If You Read The Bottle & All Of The Possible Side-Effects) Can Cause All Or Most Of The Symptoms You're Having.
Its Not A Bad Thing Really.
My Best Friend (With The Parent Doctors) Was Taking Anti-Depressants Too.
He Went Through Three Different Kinds Before He Called It A Day.
You Know, Sometimes They Don't Work & You Might Need A New Pescription.
Try That & If They Don't Work Out Try A Different Medication.
Can You Not Call A Doctor For Home-Visit?

One Of The Biggest Parts Of The AD's Is The Hallucenagenic Effect It Has.
They Make You Think Stuff, Bad Stuff, Can Give You Severe Nightmares.
Just Try To Remember; You're In Control & Everything That You're Feeling Is A Product Of Something You've Created.

My Advice Is Somehow See A Doctor & Get Different AD's Or Stop Taking Them.
Just Don't Forget Those Things That You're Feeling Are All In Your Head & You're Fueling Them With Your Fear.
Don't Let Your Fear Rule You.
It's Your Mind.

Sorry If I Didn't Fully Understand You're Blog.
& I Hope This Helped In Some Way.


I am 49 and have been having similar symptoms...more complex now than what you have. I started having symptoms years ago. I have some info you might be interested in to help ... _[removed]_m if you are interested. Hope things get better for you.


i too suffer anxiety and panic attacks. right now I am having trouble eating because both of my parents died within 3 months ofeach other in 2017. they wre married 58 yrs and dad died after Mom due to a briken hear..... It happened dec 30 2017, so I am stil feeling so much grief that I am not taking care of myself. I feel your pain. its just deprssion I believe, but it sucks