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i finally got the courage to come here and post my question. I am a 25 year old guy from Cyprus.

so my problem began 2 years ago when i was a student in the US. One good day 300 people from my university got infected by what they later told us Norovirus which was in the lettuce that we all had from the salad bar of the school cafeteria. I was treated in the local hospital for vomititng and fever for one day and then i went home. Thats when it all started. in the first days my stomach was feeling weird but i thought it was because of the infection. I should note here that i gained 20 pounds in the US because i could eat everything without a problem.
A month passed and i was still not feeling very good. Anyway from there one i couldnt eat as much and i would often be bloated and nauseous. I handled that for a year and then i came back to Cyprus where i started visiting some doctors. I went to 7 doctors in total. I did a colonoscopy, ultrasound, gastroscopy, blood tests and the test to see what foods harm you. i was diagnosed with IBS and only a couple of foods that ive never heard bother me. I have diarrhea every morning which doesnt relieve me at all and i could constantly hear my bowels. the most terrible thing i suffer from is the bloating and being nauseous. my life changed dramatically. i am not very happy anymore because i cant play tennis, i have trouble at work since i need to run to the bathroom to be kinda relieved but i always feel full and not hungry. i am a smoker by the way. every day it gets worse and worse. after i eat i feel more sick and bloated although i dont eat a diet is very good since i dont eat fried food or greasy. i feel like i will never find the solution although i took so many drugs for IBS, also nexium and the past few doctors want to give me anti depressants since they believe i am causing this to myself. i should mention here that my life is great except this i have everything i could ever ask for so no stress. I should also mention that i have a lot of gas

Please please consult me



Hello Yannis,
I too have been having very similar problems for almost two years now. I am also in my twenties and have been diagnosed with IBS. However, I have tried to decrease my stress (which wasn't much to begin with) and have changed my diet substantially, but have had no relief. I still have constant bloating and nausea after eating. It is pretty horrible because it feels like I am constantly in some sort of pain (bloating, cramping, gas, etc.).

I have been wondering recently if I may have celiac disease. Have you been checked for this? I'm sorry that I do not have any advise for you, but if you do discover what is wrong with you, please let me know, so that I may also investigate the cause.

Good luck, I really hope that they find out what is wrong soon.