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With all the tasty treats on offer throughout the holiday season, Christmas can be a seriously difficult period for staying on track with your diet. If you can find ways to beat your cravings though, you’re on the right track.

It’s not surprising that many people look toward the holiday season with an equal mixture of excitement and dread. The one area that is the most difficult for those of us fitness fanatics, concerned with looking good, keeping our waist lines in check and maintaining fitness year round, the holidays can be a double edged sword.

Taking a break from your diet can be a huge mental relief – not tracking calories, letting yourself eat some non-regulation diet foods and generally being a little more free with your food choices can be a welcome respite from all the diet planning the rest of the year. It can even do your metabolism some good to have a break from a reduced calorie diet and provide a much needed hormonal boost and increase your energy levels for a time.

But you need to be careful.

When you’re in the zone the other 11 months of the year, resisting temptations and sticking to your plan isn’t too difficult. Your mind is so focused on your goals that you think nothing of turning down second helpings of dessert, walk past the bakery store with ease, and don’t have any issues with refusing offers of birthday cake, cookies and chips from work colleagues in the office.

Let things slide slightly though, and it’s potentially the start of a big downward spiral.

There are so many cravings around over the holidays that it can be hard to resist. Sweets and candy in bowls throughout the house, leftovers peering at you from every shelf in the refrigerator and general junk foods waiting to pounce on you at every term. Even with the best will in the world, you’re almost bound to give in at some stage.

Once you start, it’s incredibly difficult to stop.

One piece of pie turns into two, then three. You pick at a few sweets and before you know it you’ve demolished half a box, and your “small taste” of the Christmas cake ends in you finishing the whole thing.

Cravings really can be a diet wrecker – you might be able to avoid them for a day, maybe even or three or a whole week, but chances are that you’ll fall off the wagon at some point over the holiday season. That is, unless you have a craving quelling plan in place.

Telling yourself you’re going to be disciplined and stick to your diet is all well and good, but when faced with your ultimate cravings, even the most hardened of dieters can have a hard time saying no. Utilize these craving busting tips for a healthier holiday season.

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