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Hi Folks


I am 39 and recently have been feeling  little weird. I have lost my appetite, but I still can eat. I eat for strength and energy but not hunger. I get full incredibly fast and often times after eating in my lower abdomen there is a little pain, nothing overwhelming but it is annoying.....and often I just pass gas and everything is okay....but the most noticeable thing is my complete loss of appetite since food is an enormous part of my life. I move my bowels every morning ,sometimes twice a day but the movements are lot smaller than in the past....but I believe that is because I am eating less.

Last night I went out to dinner and in the middle of the night had very bad stomach pains, but it went away in the morning when I went to the bathroom.....but I have eaten that same meal hundreds of times and everything was fine....

I heat up a lot quicker and become clammy a few times during the day. When I sit down I often feel like I have to fart....and I do.....but the gas build up and farts are constantly going on.


I went to the doctor and told him all of this.....He took my blood and said I had high cholesterol but nothing else was wrong with me. Why am I not hungry? Why do I feel full after eating a little bit? Why do I constantly have to fart after eating? I wonder if I have some sort of alergy or something.......Can this all be stress? My wife is pregnant with our third child....but I dont really feel stressed at all....but maybe I am and this is how its presenting itself. I dunno....any thoughts would be helpful.




Hello SuburbanDad,

With the info given, I can't determine whether you lack of appetite is emotional or physical.  However, the gas you are experiencing is due to indigestion.  Foods that you're having trouble digesting are being used by bacteria in the colon as an energy source.  A by-product of this metabolism is gas.  Producing a lot of gas is a clear sign of indigestion.  The first I suggest is to get an enzyme supplement that contains lipases, proteases and enzymes that break down sugars.  This will help digest the food you can't.  In this process get a colon cleanse supplement to clean out your gut.  This will get rid of mucus and debris that's been left behind due to indigestion and give you a fresh start.  Try exercising if you don't to muster up an appetite that will make eat and think of foods that you enjoy that are healthy at the same before you get hungry or need to eat.  Thought is a very powerful input and can change you behavior.