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after 2 years and 5 months without having sex same with my boyfriend. i had sex with my boyfriend 5 days before my period. i'm expecting my period on october 24 and we had sex last october 19. usually before my period come i'm experiencing a white blood cell that comes out, but this time its too dry and no symptoms that my period comes. i heard from a friend that one of the symptoms of pregnancy is having urge urination and cramping bellow my abdomen, and i'm experiencing those symptoms. is that symptoms enough to know that i'm pregnant?


So my my boyfriend and I dry humped with our undies on.. he was close to my vagina and i noticed he had pre-cum on his boxer briefs, just a spot as big as a quarter. We were rubbing around down there. When I noticed, we stopped and I changed my underwear. But it was only a thong so not that much coverage. I know this could have impregnated me if his sperm got through the fabric. I never have my period regularly, it comes every three and a half months to 4 months. What can I do to know? Will a pregnancy test be affective if i do it now when this happened yesterday?