I'm having extremely sore, erect, hard, sensitive nipples for about 3 weeks already and my boobs are sore and tender as well as my areola got a bit bigger, what's the cause? Me and my bf had dry humped last Dec.5 with underwears and jeans and got my 6 days regular flowing period afterwards and we had another dry hump with underwears and jeans after a week of my period once last Dec.18 and I'm convinced that getting pregnant is very impossible and we never had sex/penetration in our whole life together. I'm 20 years old and I can't stand with these symptoms..my nipples hurts a lot and it doesn't go away even for just a minute. I let him fondled my breast on those days we dry humped but after that I don't feel aroused for days of course. I also had frequent urination, bloating, dizziness and mild crampings .. What could be the reason also why I'm feeling like this?.. I'm very confused with my body now..it's crazy, how do i stop getting erect nipples when I'm not even feeling aroused? (p.s i live in a tropical country so winter doesn't count) I don't think I'm pregnant right? Help please, thank you.. :) wishing you all the best!