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I had sex on Thursday and although we did not use protection, he did not ejaculate in me.

About 15 mins after he ejaculated, we had intercourse again and as far as I know, he did not cum in me.

However, I have read a lot of articles where he can excrete pre-cum which will most likely contain sperm if he has recently ejaculated.

The date of the first day of my last period was 12th April, which I worked out means I was about 4 days out of my peak ovulation time, however 2 days after we had sex, I have what resembles a light period, even though I'm not due to get them for another 6 days.

I'm always as regular as clockwork.

I cannot take a test now as nothing will show up, so I'm slightly freaking out in the mean time and any advice would greatly help.

I have read so many conflicting stories saying there's no chance, others saying yes, there is... I'm very confused

Many thanks in advance for your help :-)


don't panic to much there is c chance but there not overly high if you are worried about the possibility it can cause stress this stress can play tricks with your hormones -- and delay the arrival of your period or cause spotting. Your body may be pulling a prank of sorts, but it doesn't know that your sense of humor may not be up to par about certain things