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I am currently in a straight relationship now. I have been having sex for about 4 years now. In those year I haven't experience anything like this until my current relationship now. I have been with my girl for abotu 2 years now. I have recently started having this Premature ejuculation for about a year now. I mean I can't go longer than 3 minutes or 30 seconds at worst. Its starting to worry me and she said thst she doesn't get much plesure from having sex with me anymore. That breaks my heart. I have seen some books/dvd on the network but the issue with those is that alot of them are fake. Any advice/ideas on how to tackle this issue? Its really bugs me. In my pass ex's I did have this issue. I was always on top of my game. I am 21 years old.


Premature ejaculation happens to many men.  One method to stem it is to spend a few weeks practicing edging – meaning masturbate until you almost ejaculate; stop to let the feeling subside slightly; then repeat over and over, holding out for as long as you can.  This may result in a sore penis, so also utilize daily a superior penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).  One with shea butter and vitamin E can help soothe penile soreness.  Good luck!