july 9th I took the abortion pill. I was 6 weeks 2 days pregnant. 

everything seemed to go normal.

went to my check up july 18th.

They said there was some left over stuff but it was normal and the medication worked, no more pregnancy.

I thought it would be ending [the bleeding] later that week it was so light i was on panty liners, but then it picked back up. 

cut to now a month later. still bleeding. 

its not super heavy or anything and not unexpected from all ive been reading. 

but after 3 weeks i was getting lighter again so I tried tampons, just during the day to save on pads for night.

i only wore them 2 days and then boom lots of clots.

I figured i blocked myself up somehow. 

for like 3 days I was passing small clots every time I used the bathroom. 

then it stopped. 

it got lighter. I was supposed to have a obgyn visit yesterday, but had to reschedule because I'm still bleeding. and its scheduled for next month, so im hoping its over by then.

the situation is that its a dr of my boyfriend mom, and i know she cant tell, but its between me and him and i want to keep it that way. so i want to be done bleeding before I see her, and she cant see me anyways till im done. 


anyways, it was almost over i thought. panty liners again, but still enough wen i wiped that obv im not visiting a gyno. 

me and my boyfriend had sex two days ago because we hadnt in over a month. 

it got lighter after sex. like i thought it was really going to end. I was actually surprised sex didnt make it worse. today I wore a tampon again because i havent been to the store and am down to 2 pads. I wore it for 2 hours. took it out put on a pad. the next time i use the bathroom fine. the second time, blood clots on the paper. i dont understand why I keep getting blood clots from tampon use, everything i read said 2 weeks after tampons are fine. but is it still because of residual tissue? 

will PP do anther ultrasound on me for free? after so many clots and bleeding ow can anything be left.