I am 40 yrs old. Since my tubal ligation 7 years ago, I have had very heavy menstrual cycles with large clots that last 3-5 days every 28 days like clockwork. However, my last period lasted 10 days and then I went 56 days without a period. I thought maybe I was on the path to early menopause. Then, 8 days ago, I began bleeding. The first 2 days were not bad, but the last 6 have been almost debilitating. I am bleeding through tampons every 1-2 hours and even with tampons, I have to change super long pads, every 4-5 hours. I wake in the mornings and have to wash my sheets. I am passing 2-4 inch blood clots regularly. When I sit on the toilet or when I shower, blood steadily trickles out. Is it possible that this heavy flow and sudden irregularity is related to perimenopause?