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Hie my name is Brady. I've bin having trouble swallowing My flem, it's bin happening for a while now. If anyone is Having the same problem tell me what your doing to stop It... Plz reply if your having the same problem as I am


Hello Brady,

Having trouble swallowing is a medical situation that should be evaluated by your Primary Care Physician. There are a few causes that come to mind when having trouble swallowing.

  • Inflammation of the Tonsils (Tonsillitis)
  • Strep Throat (caused by the Streptococcus bacteria)
  • Food borne allergy (caused by shell fish, nuts, soy, etc).
However, the your problem is swallowing your phlegm. Did you know that the body is programmed to limit the amount times we can swallow? Yes, this is caused by the muscles in the throat (pharynx). After so many contractions the muscles become tense and need a refractory period in order to allow them to relax and most importantly, this also helps to prevent you from chocking should food or objects go down the wind pipe (trachea).