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hello, im writing about my mum who is 42 yrs of age, it all started about 5 weeks ago when she lost her voice completly over night, then about 4 days after she said it was comeing back a little bit, but now 5 weeks on its still the same its hoarsy and when she eats things like bread they seem to get stuck in her throat and she has to swallow about 3 or 4 times to get rid of it properly. What do you think it could be? she has been to see her GP and he has transfered her to the ENT specialist but that is about 2 months away and was wondering if you would beable to give her some advice in the mean time. thank you


It sounds like GERD to me. Some people experience heart burn while others don’t but instead they have troubles swallowing food and hoarseness that usually appears in the morning. It may feel as if you are chocking because food got stuck in the throat. GERD is a disorder in which esophagus muscle doesn’t close properly and allows acid from the stomach to flow back into the esophagus causing these nasty symptoms.
If your mom finds that some foods worsen or bring on the symptoms, she should definitely avoid them. Some people find avoiding such foods helpful. She should figure out for herself which these foods are but here is a list of some foods already thought of as causing GERD symptoms.
She should cut down or stop smoking if she has this nasty habit, she should also not drink sodas and alcohol, not eat spicy foods, lemon juices, caffeinated drinks and chocolate.
She should make sure she is eating smaller but more frequent meals and avoid lying flat after a meal.
She should try some of these tips and see if they help at least a little bit until she sees an ENT.


Hi Lucky,

Your mom has problems in swalloing food right? Is she able to swallow pills atleast? I have this problem and I went to Gastroentologist. I had Esoephagus Stricture, doctor found this by taking Endoscopy test.

They tried to widen the easophagus by dilation, i still have problems but hopefully very soon, I might be getting rid of this problem.

You can emial me at ********, if you have nay q's.


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