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for a month and a half i have had problems with my natural swallowing reflux my mouth seems to get very dry to the point that water after water don't help. then i end up having a anxiety attack because this scared me very badly. does anyone know what would cause the throat to be so dry and what i can do to sooth that problem?



Dry throat can be very irritating because everything you eat will cause pain or uncomfortable sensation. Have you had any problems with acid reflux? I know that sometimes this can cause problems in the throat. You need to drink a lot of water. They say that you need at least 2 liter of water per day to keep your body at normal hydration rates. The good remedy to ease the throat irritation is ginger and honey. I know that some people use it to lower the soreness in the throat and to get rid of the infection in the throat as well. You should try to eat soft food to avoid further irritation until this resolves.

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