So, I am a 27 year old female. I started experiancing my joint pain about 1- to 12 years ago. I was told it was growing pains when I was younger. I joined the army at 18 and everything got worse. After having both my children it got worse, and I have noticed recently that when I drink (especialy red wine), it causes me to have an all out atack.I have shet I can only describe as an excrciating ache. It feels like it is in my bones. It starts in my low back or in my hips and as the pain increases it goes farther down my legs. The pain effects both legs but usualy not at the same time (but when it does, these are really bad days). Hot baths seem to help when I am in them, but within 10 to 20 min of getting out, the pain returns. I have had x-rays, MRSs, and blood work done for inflamirory diseases. The only abnormal findings were 3 slightly bulging disk, which my doc sais where not significant. The degree of pain varies, but Ii am in some degree of pain every day. I have been to the Dr ten thousand times for this, and no one can give me any answers. I have gotten cortizone shots in my hip and back and they do help with the pain, but don't totaly get rid of it. If my problem in not inflamitory, then why do the cortizone shots help? Does anyone else have pain like this??? More importantly, has anyone gotten a diagnosis? I cant live like this anymore. Thanks so much if you can help. And if not, thanks for reading this,