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I have radiating low back pain. Almost as far down as my tailbone. I also have swelling around that area.  My low back burns most of the day and especially when I am sitting and walking up slopes. I have a slight buldge in L4 and L5 but not enought to be significant. My PT reccomeds leaning back throught the day and also doing dead mans pushup but both make me dizzy. 

Nothing I do seems to help.  Any suggestions?


Pain in the lower back (lumbar spine) and legs, among other symptoms, may occur when an intervertebral disc herniates - when the annulus fibrosus (tough, outer ring) of the disc tears and the nucleus pulposus (soft, jelly-like center) squeezes out, and places pressure on, or "pinches," an adjacent nerve root.

Lumbar microdiscectomy is an operation that involves using a surgical microscope and microsurgical techniques to access and treat the lumbar spine. By providing magnification and illumination, the microscope allows for a limited dissection. Only that portion of the herniated disc, which is pinching one or more nerve roots, is removed. The term discectomy is derived from the Latin words discus (flat, circular object or plate) and -ectomy (removal).