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I am a female in my early 20's, I do not drink often but occasionally I have a couple drinks (mainly mixed drinks or hard lemonade/smirnoff ice etc). When I am starting to get a buzz my lower back and my knees start to hurt. I do not have back pain on a normal basis but I do have chronic pain in my knees that is exercise induced. By the time I am drunk (when I get drunk) the pain is usually gone, or faded enough that I don't notice it. I already believe I may have some kind of alcohol intolerance because every time I drink vodka, rum or get drunk I will purge all of the contents, many times hours after the alcohol should have been broken down by my kidneys, and it honestly still tastes and smells like the alcohol has not been broken down at all (sorry, I know that is gross). Could the joint pain be another symptom of alcohol intolerance or is it unrelated? Like I said I do not drink often and I would like to continue drinking occasionally but I would like to know why I am having problems.


it could be that you have an existing lower back problem and when you drink your core muscles relax to much putting excess weight on your lower spine and knees. i bet it affects you more if you were sitting most of the time you drink. I would go get checked out just in case you might have a herniation of a disk. sometimes it has been reported that the dehydration will shrink an already troubled disk and make symtoms that are are not noticible when sober become much worse