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I am a 20 year old fit and healthy male who is a keen sports player.

I have experienced problems with my hip for a number of months now. It started off as a muscular type pain in my hip area and lower back/buttock area, mostly triggered after playing sports and my GP referred me to a physio. The physio though it was from a tight hamstring and i was given stretches to do however the problem wasn't resolved. The pain is now worse and seems to be more than just a muscular problem.

After playing sport recently I was suffering from severe back pain on the lower left side of my back and just above the buttock area, and had sharp pain in the area when moving - the pain was worst when attempting to lift my left leg. After around a week the pain in my back had recovered.

I have also recently been feeling the same pain in my hip that I felt in my back, and it is difficult to find exactly what starts the pain as I feel it at any time of the day. The pain can be a sharp and severe pain deep in my hip when i am simply sitting down or when I am active. I also noticed that the severe 'shooting' pain i felt in my hip would be triggered whenever i tilted my head/neck backwards.

I have been to see my GP again since these problems but I have been left unsatisfied as I was only told to take ibuprofen and paracetamol.

I feel that these problems are stopping me from leading a normal life and are interfering with me when playing sports and limit the exercise I am able to do.

When playing football I have experienced almost a weakness in my left leg and have had to stop at times as there is pain and a weak feeling down the outside of my leg from my hip down my thigh and down the outside of my calf to my ankle, and this pain can be felt all the way down my leg and in my foot also.

I feel that I have been left by my GP with unanswered questions and problems which are not being resolved.

Your help and thoughts on my problems are much appreciated and hopefully there are solutions to be found from the problems I am suffering with.



I was training for half marathon and spent a great deal of time running on the shoulder of a rural highway - an uneven surface... After a few runs I started feeling a tightness in my hamstring. I tried stretching it but to no avail. The pain continued and eventually got alot worse.

I have been on my back for 4 weeks now with severe sciatica caused by two prolapsed discs in my lumbar spine. To be sure I had a pre-exisiting condition but it was exacerbating by my training on an uneven surface. To me, it felt like my hamstring not my back.

f you feel that it is your back that is causing the issues, get the proper tests to make the determination. Be frank with your dr or physiotherapist and go from there... If you are dissatisfied with your dr or the advice he/she provides, you should seek a second opinion. Good luck. I hope that it is not your back!


Hi, I'm a 38 yr. old waitress. Years of heavy lifting has caused me pain everywhere, BUT.. I never felt pain like that before, It started in my left buttocks then slowly went down my left leg and into my foot. I went to my doc. then a phy. therapy doc. and a foot doc. I thought I fractured my foot at first but 3 x-rays later theres nothing. My phy. doc. told me my foot is completly seperate from my back buttocks and leg but everything I read says different???? I'm going to phy. therapy in 2 days I hope it works. I'm supposed to get cortizone shots in my foot or alcohol shots, I would let them cut me everywhere if it made the pain go away. Flexaral seems to make it better at night, a little. Vicodine doesn't work at all. Get an MRI and that should at least give you a diagnosis. How are you doing now? I'll post to let everyone know if therapy works or not. Good luck.