I recently had a surgical abortion on February 13th. I bled for a few days, starting that evening, but I'm not sure that it was like a period, or just due to the operation. I began having sex again with a new partner on the 25th of Februaury, and we've done it several times since.
He usually pulls out just before he cums. Sometimes he just doesn't come. And one time he finished inside of me, but that wasn't until March 6th.

My questions are pretty standard.
How soon after an abortion can a woman become pregnant, again?
Is it easier to become pregnant soon after an abortion?
Are pregnancies due to pre-cum common enough for me to be worried?
If I have a pretty normal cycle, 29 days, how do I know where I'm at in my cycle (with the abortion and all) and whether or not the sperm that entered on the 6th may result in a pregnancy?

Thanks, Leesie.