Probably TMI for some people, but I need help and I have researched the web like crazy for answers. I had my last period on June 26, 2010. I started Cryselle birth control on July 1, 2010. I was not sure when it would be totally effective and safe so I had been using condoms, but on July 9, 2010, I had sex and the condom broke. Since I had just started taking the birth control on July 1st, I decided to use emergency contraception as well. Cryselle is FDA approved to be used as emergency contraception (take 4 pills right after unprotected sex, then 4 pills again 12 hours later.) So I just used that method of emergency contraception as well. I'm scared, and I'm mad that I was being careful and something bad like this happened anyways. So, what are the chances of pregnancy here? Also I should be expecting my period July 24th-ish.