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l am seven days post-op.I was discharged second day after the op. I was given antibiotics, metadol, duculux and advised to take sitz baths. I emptied my bowels the morning after the op. it was the most excruciating pain in my lifetime. I sweat, felt nausea, dizzy and almost fainted. I squated to empty my bowels and subsequently I realised it was the first mistake I made . I realised releaving myself when standing wasn't as painful. when I got home I went on with medication with frequent visits to the bathroom. the stool was mostly mucoid n urgent. on the day following I noticed a swelling which felt like a haemorroid and was painful. meanwhile, the metadol was taking a toll on me.I had difficulty breathing and I felt too weak.the spasms were too intense and the doctor never gave me any muscle relaxers. I couldn't sleep. I stopped taking metadol and took diclofenac instead. the swelling reduced as well as the pain. I was now able to move freely without the effects of the tramadol n metadol. when I visited the surgeon, he told me the swelling would shrink with time. he also told me that he left one haemorroid behind to avoid stenosis. I don't wish to go through another harrowing surgery in future. Am wondering could that one haemorroid worsen in future and trigger more haemorroids? I have had enough of this and I don't intend to take that route again.


I wish I could simply tell you to keep your stool soft and your hemorrhoid won’t become a problem! This is what I have been told by doctors and surgeons continually, but it just doesn’t seem to make anything better. I had a hemorrhoidectomy to remove an internal hemorrhoid. I also had a sphinterotomy and a fissurectomy to help my fissures to heal. My surgery was 4 weeks ago. I have been doing everything right with my diet, taking stool softners, lots of fiber, water and exercise. The 2nd week was the best week I had! The pain after a BM was tolerable and was mostly due to the muscle spasming. However, for the past week and a half it’s been absolutely horrible! I have tears again (fissures) when I pass a BM and it’s even more painful than it was before the surgery. I’ve developed depression as a result of this experience, especially because I am only 19 and this strongly interferes with my life. I believe your outcome will be much better as I probably have an underlying issue (IBS, crohns, celiac etc.) I cannot think of another reason why I would be struggling so hard when I seem to be doing everything right! Just keep your spirits up and remember, the doctor wouldn’t have left it if he thought it was going to be a chronic issue for you. Also, hemorrhoids themselves are painless; it’s the associated cuts and tears (fissures) that cause pain.  Best of luck!