I am a 30 year old man who suffered from fissures for the last 6 years. It finally became so unbearable that 4 months ago I had a fissurectomy procedure and at the same time, the surgeon took out a hemorrhoid which I wasn’t even aware of. The operation went well and I had a good recovery. It took me 3 months and I returned to my regular routine including working out and swimming. Two and a half months after the surgery, I started feeling pain after an effort of a BM. Since then, for the last month, the pain increases daily. I have been taking warm baths and bowel softener and have continued on a high fiber diet. I put on nitroglycerin cream twice a day and the pain only increases. I went back to the surgeon a week ago. He told me that the fissure did not return but that I have inflammation. He gave me a foam – cortifoam to put on before bed. This is not the same pain as before surgery. The pain is less intensive than before the surgery but before the surgery, a few hours after a BM, I was no longer in excruciating pain. Now, it intensifies around BM but the pain continues much of the day. If I lay down and don’t move, it is not so bad. When I am up, it hurts more when I stand than when I walk. Has anyone had a similar condition and what can you recommend?