I just had an epidural injection for nerve pain, told that bone spurs with L-5 also bulging was crushing a nerve. I experienced writhing pain in my right butt cheek that wrapped around my side and went to the top of my thigh, into the area that goes directly to the groin, SOB it hurt! This is day 3 after the shot and little improvement.

I read that I could have outpatient surgery to remove the bone spurs and bulging portion of disk to relieve the nerve pressure.

Has anyone had THESE symptoms? I'm currently on short-term disability from work and about about to lose my job. I think I'm going to tell my doctor that I want this surgery because in order to even walk from the house to the car I need to have taken a 4mg Dilaudid! I do NOT want to take narcotics the rest of my life not to mention I cannot be on the job taking them.