Hi...Ive had L4 L5 removal 2half yrs ago i have been told i have equada equina syndrome. A long story how i came about it. But i had to have further surgery august 2008 L5 S1 before all that i had to learn how to walk again, catherise and self pr...problems that had arisen from siactia in my left bum cheek but id paid private and ended up havin emergency surgery on my spine and i didnt go with any back problems to begin with! I would like to give my husband a child of his own and he is worried that this would have major problems on my spine. How safe would it be without causin further problems! I would really love to carry a child and am eager to seek any advice on this matter im 32 yrs old. I also have endometrosis. im currently prescribed diazepam, pregablin,diclofenac, lansoprazole,chloremenapine and senna. 8-| please i need ur advice