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So about maybe a year and a half ago I noticed a pea ball that was attached to the top rightside of my testicle so I told my parents I wanted to get it checked out after reading so many doom and gloom stories about testicler cancer.I got it checked out and the doctor said it was just a cyst and it should go away on its own (or something like that), and about maybe 3 months after that I thought it had gotten bigger and the doctor said if it did to come back, so I went back to get myself checked out again and he said there was nothing wrong and it was the same size nothing to worry about.Fast forward to now almost a year later and the cyst is still there and I don't know if I've gotten paranoid or what but I think my testicles are also too hard, they dont give in that much, and now I'm paranoid the doctor might have misdiagnosed me with a cyst when it could be something more serious but I'd feel terribly awkward having to tell my mother I need to get my testicles checked out for the 3rd time even after the doctor said its nothing to worry about.So now I'm paranoid about cancer and not ever being able to have children, or produce testosterone naturally.Has anyone else had these problems, are they just growing pains? I'm scared to death If it's of any use, I'm 16


Most testicular lumps or swellings are not a sign of cancer. Research has shown that less than 4% of testicular lumps are cancerous. Therefore, do not frighten yourself. Actually, varicoceles (swollen blood vessels) are a common cause of testicular lumps. There're other possibility, maybe you could google diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it provides online service for free, you may consult the online doctors, i think they may help you.