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My left labia is swollen and very uncomfortable right now. I have never been sexually active. The pain just sort of came about out of nowhere yesterday. I am taking antibiotics for an infection in my ear from a cartilage piercing I had. I'm also taking antibiotics for a Urinary Infection my doctor diagnosed me with about 10 days ago. Why is this pain occurring now? What can I do to make the swelling go down? I don't see any dark spots or white heads, but I can feel a sort of "invisible" bump that's the source of the pain. The left one is a little bigger than the other one though and it hurts to keep my legs closed. What do I do?

Someone please help!


sounds like a bartholin cyst or abscess. Where is the bump located? Bartholin cysts are pretty common and originate from the bartholin glands which are located on the labie majora near the the vaginal opening on either side. Usually, only one will be infected, and they feel like bumps underneath the skin. I had one - it got fairly tender/swollen. Took about 2 weeks to fully go away. Usually they don't require any medications, etc. and will just go away on its own or if an abscess will need to be drained.