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Summer 2011 I started lactating all of a sudden. I´d just moved from Sweden to London, and started working in a bar. I was pretty physically and emotionally stressed out and drank quite a lot.

I´ve never been pregnant, and during most of this time, haven´t been sexually active. 

I went to a doctor after half a year. They found a small lump in my breast, it was nothing. They checked my blood and all the values came back normal. Then they just told me they don´t know. 

I´ve been very happy the last 6 months, only studying now, and haven´t been particularly stressed out, but the lactation haven´t gone away. 

I´ve had an implant for a year now, before that I didn´t have anything for 4 months, and before that I was on the pill. I´m 26.

Does anyone know if this is something to be worried about?

Many thanks in advance. 


Pituitary adenoma or a similar issue with your hypothalamus is a rare cause of such things when your hormone levels are otherwise normal. I have also read of even rarer cases where neurocysticercosis calcifications in the hypothalamus lead to lactation.