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Hey guys, me and my partner have been trying to conceive for a while now.
We were having A LOT of unprotected sex (like even 2-3 times in one night :-P) before my period and then had sex the day I came off and the days after.
I'm not too sure if I could be pregnant but today I noticed 3 brownish spots on my underwear and the last time this sort of thing happened was before my period had started.
Also my discharge has increased and its a lot more stickier and weirder :-P
Thing is i'm due to start the 1st of next year and only be on for roughly 3-4 days.
And its been 11-12 days (so almost two weeks) that ive waited before taking a test.
But would it be to early if I tested today or tomorrow?
Also my boobs have been OVERLY tender and sore for ages now and I get weird tingling in my nipples as well as my actual boob.
Any little nudge or knock can really really hurt or even touching them lighty can hurt a lot and normally they get this way before im gonna come on. But ive already had my period this month and its not possible to get your period twice in a month is it??
i've also been a lot more tired and stressed for no reason.
I have been feeling very sick a lot lately and my head is really really hurting.
And my bowl moments haven't been that great either, cus i herd that you apparently get constipated or have diorreah when pregnant :S
Sorry to much info i know!! :-P
But yeah i herd some women apparently can also have periods while pregnant, is that true?
So basically, do you think I could be pregnant?
I know every pregnancy is different, but i'm not to sure if I am.
I would really like to test tonight, but do you guys think it would be too early??

Also I forgot to mention that i have had cramping like pains exactly where my ovaries are, a bit like period pains but again im not due on till next year.
My last period was from the 1st of this month and ended on the 4th, so it was pretty short.
And I stopped taking birth control months and months ago so it must be out of my system by now.
I never took it correctly anyway.
Also having sex before and straight after my period, would've the egg already been released and it would've been too late to fertilise it?
Ive also been light headed and dizzy too, with some very little stomach pains and cramping.
Its like im going to have a second period in one month :S
And lastly, is there anything i can do about the boob tenderness?
its tingling now and its aching a lot. And the veins in my boobs are more prominent, same with the milk ducts.
I'm also getting small bumps on my areola, some of them white and some of them normal.
They've been tender for like over a week now and normally they only get this tender 2-3 days before I start my period. This is they longest they've been sooooo sore and tender.


you could always go the Gp to get a blood test as apparently it tells you earlier if your pregnant than a normal test at home.