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My ex-partner and I had sex on May 27th and we used a condom. Somehow being pregnant came up so I normally went ahead an bought a home pregnancy test which came out negative. I didn't take the test till after a month or so from the date that we had sex because I have irregular periods and I only get my period like once or twice a year. We haven't had sex since that day and we thought of any possible situation where we could have been unprotected and a pregnancy could have happened but we just don't see the possibility. I did think of the possibility of having taken the test too soon so I allowed some more time to pass by and took the 2nd test 3 months after the date we had sex which still came out negative. By this time I was really worried/confused because during sexual play I noticed a little droplet on my nipple. I did some research on possible reasons for lactating without a pregnancy but those really didn't answer my questions. I also read up on reasons for possible false negative results and came up with ectopic pregnancies. My questions, how likely is it that I'm experiencing and ectopic pregnancy and is it possible to be having an ectopic pregnancy and start lactating already? 8-|


Actually, it's very normal among a lot of women. I'm a 27 years old male. When I first experienced it while I was having an intense sex with my ex-partner, I got so surprised. She was only 19 years old then and she was dripping milk from her nipples during orgasm. I thought she was pregnant or something. As I went through different relationships with various women, I came to realize that it's pretty normal thing for a lot of women. Then did some research on this on the net and learned the fact that when you have sex with someone with strong emotional attachments, your female hormone (progesterone) level rises up, that enforces your pituitary gland to over release other sex hormones like 'oxytocine', 'estrogen' & 'prolactin'; which are also responsible for milk production. That is the reason that some woman squirts milk when having intense sex or orgasm. It has nothing to do with pregnancy. Even if the woman hasn't have sex before. It's a priceless gift for your partner that comes out normally as other love fluids.